13 luglio 2012

Style icon: Alexa Chung

alexa chung style

Alexa chung

Alexa chung

Alexa chung style

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Alexa chung style

The 25-year-old Brit MTV presenter and model has become an international fashion icon and has mastered an effortlessly chic look. She has an understated, too-cool-to-care sense of style and her tomboyish, yet feminine and chic looks never seem to disappoint, making Alexa one of the hottest trendsetters to come out of the UK. Love her

Questa venticinquenne modella e presentatrice televisiva è diventata un'internazionale icona di stile grazie al suo essere chic in modo naturale ed apparentemente senza sforzi. Il suo stile discreto e ricercato allo stesso tempo con forti influenze maschili riesce a non passare mai inosservato rendendola una delle trendsetter più autorevoli. La adoro!


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  1. Hello there,
    Gret post! I learned more about her, I always thought she had an unique and quirky style.
    Your new follower on here and Bloglovin'.

    Tarah and the City

  2. She is my style icon too!
    Please follow my blog:

  3. So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!


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